Electronic versions of ACTAsia’s published resources are listed here. Resources include academic research reports, guidance manuals for education programmes and workshops, programme evaluation, reviews and corporate information.

Caring for Life Education annual report 2017

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A look back at progress to our Caring for Life Education programme for children in 2017.

The Future of Fashion

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The Fur Free Retailer publishes a look to the future of fashion, where there is no longer a place for fur.

Caring for Life Education (CFL)

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Our planet is at the mercy of its human inhabitants. That’s why ACTAsia is passionate about teaching children to care for the diverse world we all share. Read our introduction to Caring for Life Education here

ACTAsia annual report 2018

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An overview of our main achievements in 2018 and goals for the future

Celebrating ten years of veterinary training in China

PDFs (2.62 MB) Download

Teaching hearts and minds in the veterinary profession, 2009-2019

Toxic fur

PDFs (8.80 MB) Download

A global issue

Education for a more compassionate world

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A brochure introducing ACTAsia

A guide to Caring for Life Education

PDFs (5.67 MB) Download

Adapting an existing model for wider use in primary schools

CFL evaluation 2013-2016

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An academic evaluation of ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education programme, and the impact over three years on children taking part

Dog and cat fur leaflet

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An awareness leaflet to summarise ACTAsia’s investigation into the use of dogs and cats by China’s fur industry, based on the Report of the Dog and Cat Fur Trade in China.