Get involved

There are many ways you can help ACTAsia and get involved from being a compassionate consumer to reducing your plastic usage to eating less (or no) meat to wearing ethical fashion. 

Why Pei got involved

When I was a child in Asia, not many of us grew up with pets. It was unusual to show empathy towards animals, but more fundamentally, it was unusual for parents to openly demonstrate love towards their children. This emotional reserve is common in parts of Asia, and tends to inhibit children from developing social and emotional intelligence, the kind of intelligence necessary to become a responsible adult.

How you can get involved on a daily basis

Being a compassionate consumer can make a huge difference. From avoiding products with lots of plastic packaging to buying Fairtrade products there is a lot we can do as consumers with our spending power. Eating less or no meat and wearing sustainable and ethical fashion can make a huge difference to animal welfare and the environment.

Get involved by supporting our work 

Without your support we couldn’t work towards our mission to educate children, consumers and professionals in Asian societies to help build a kinder and more sustainable world. Fundraising is vital to support our work and we would love you to get involved and help us. 


Giving your time means being part of the change to make the world a better place for animals, people, and the environment.  Find out how you can help ACTAsia create a more compassionate world. 


Do you want to work for us? Join the team to help build a kinder and more sustainable world.