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2020 Annual Report

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Veterinary CPD, Webinar 16: One Health for Clinical Veterinarians

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Professor Lu Chair of One Health China One Health for clinical veterinarians Prof. Lu explained what is One Health to the Vets; its history and development, public health issues and challenges that human are facing such as COVID, SARS, H5N1, African Swine Fever and importantly Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Prof. Lu reviewed examples of West Nile […]

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 15: Canine Physiotherapy

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Elena Saltis, Certified canine physiotherapist. Canine Physiotherapy Elena talked about physiotherapy, what it is, what techniques and methods can be used and which techniques are helpful after surgeries or injuries. Elena led the vets through phases 1, 2, 3 & 4 and which techniques are most helpful to aid recovery. Optimal function and the best […]

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 14: Feline Medicine Tutorial

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Kate Arnold, Feline Medicine Feline Medicine tutorial Very effective discussion through the whole tutorial on this very interesting a in demand topic of feline medicine. This tutorial has been valuable because it answers questions from the vets and also offered opportunity for Kate to share experiences and knowledge. Issues that were brought up included paracetamol […]

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 13: Clinical approach to Sepsis

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Professor Su Biling, PhD, professor at Taiwan University Clinical Approach to Sepsis Professor Su walked all participants through sepsis covering topics on pathogensis, body reaction, diagnosis criteria, monitoring of animals, and treatment consideration and recommendations. Some common mistakes people make such as overlooking to measure albumin, or total bilirubin, the balance between blood pressure and […]

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 12: Tutorial on Fluid Therapy in Clinical use

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Martha Jolly, BVSc, MVSc. Tutorial on fluid therapy in clinical use Summary of tutorial: Fluid Therapy. It is used every day in clinics by probably every vet and has benefited many animals. It’s one of the treatments and therapy of choice and used widely. It’s important to know when to use it, which fluid to […]

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 11: Clinical approach to medical patellar luxation

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Professor Jason Yeh, BVSc, MVSc, PhD,  Professor at Taiwan University Clinical Approach to Medial Patellar Luxation During the talk, Dr. Jason Yeh shares detailed information on medial patellar luxation, the reasons behind it, how to diagnose it, and treatment options. Dr Yeh also left time for questions and discussion with veterinarians about their cases from […]

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 9: DermatologyPractice

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Expert of 40 years, Dr. Lee Williams presents on Dermatology.

7th International Sustainable Fur Free Fashion Festival 2021 Compassion in Fashion Forum-Compassionate Choices

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7th International Sustainable Fur Free Fashion Festival 2021 Compassion in Fashion Forum-Compassionate Choices