Electronic versions of ACTAsia’s published resources are listed here. Resources include academic research reports, guidance manuals for education programmes and workshops, programme evaluation, reviews and corporate information.

Caring for Life Curriculum Framework and Guidelines

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Caring for Life Education Curriculum Framework and Guidelines gives a general overview of CFL concepts, rationale, guiding principles and the learning structure.

GAL Experts Discussion: UNCAHP for a better world for all animals?

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42% of countries, including China, have no animal protection law. ACTAsia’s Pei Su takes part in a panel discussion where renowned experts discuss the importance of international legal protection for animals.

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 7: Investigating and treating canine cough with Dr Richard Lucy

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Exploring the causes and symptoms of canine cough, and how to treat one with Dr Richard Lucy

Veterinary CPD, Webinar 6: The dental exam of the dog & cat with Dr Marcella Cassiani Lowe

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Dr Marcella Cassiani Lowe explores best-practice dental examinations for optimal dental health in dogs and cats.

Veterinary CPD Webinar 5: Managing cats with chronic kidney disease with Dr Kate Arnold

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Dr Kate Arnold discusses how to manage chronic kidney disease in cats to improve the welfare of the animal.

Veterinary CPD Webinar 4: End of life care with Dr Kathleen Cooney

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Considering the difficult topic of end of life care and euthanasia. Definition, reasons, methods and protocols will all be considered.

Veterinary CPD Webinar 3: Approach to the dog with polyuria and polydipsia with Dr Martha Jolly

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Dr Jolly brings a wealth of experience of internal medicine, exploring the common yet complex symptoms seen with polyuria and polydipsia.

Veterinary CPD Webinar 2: Anaesthesia and analgesia: chronic pain with Dr Kieren Maddern

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This webinar defines chronic pain, how to diagnose and treat it. It explores acute and chronic pain and the impact on the patient.

Veterinary CPD Webinar 1: Trauma and dog bites with Dr Rebecca Weight

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The welfare of an animal that has suffered trauma can be critical and complex. Dr Weight brings her expertise to ensure the best chance of recovery.

Press release: Global experts call on Chinese Government to revise law to reduce pandemic risk

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128 experts in public health, wildlife conservation and other One Health professions write to China’s top law-making body, calling for urgent changes to reduce the risk of another pandemic.