In the press

ACTAsia is regularly invited to speak to the international media regarding our work and how we are creating a more compassionate world for animals, people and the environment. 

You can contact our global Communications team to arrange interviews with our CEO Pei Su, or for other information about our work.

Recent news


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Dimsum Daily ACTAsia study exposes health and ethical crises in Hong Kong fur trade 25.2.24


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Eco Business Second draft revision of China’s Wildlife Protection Law ‘a big step backwards’ 17.10.2022

UN Transforming Education Hub ,ACTAsia Caring for Life 17.10.2022

Radio Free Asia Column | Green Intelligencer: Who kidnapped the draft Wildlife Protection Act? (Mandarin) 16.10.2022

China Dialogue I Second draft revision of China’s Wildlife Protection Law ‘a big step backwards’ 13.10.2022

Radio Free Asia Column | The Queen’s legacy to the planet: China also has a share  29.09.2022

Animal Charity Evaluators I Roundtable: How can charities effectively help animals in Asia? 13.05.2022

Deutsche Welle Planet A. The problem with fur 18.02.22


Vogue Business I Kering bans Fur. Will other conglomerates follow? 24.09.2021

Jing Daily I Fur Faces Opposition in Chinese Fashion Industry 15.09.2021

CNN I Dead puppies and kittens reveal dark side of China’s “mystery box” craze 20.05.2021

CNN Business I Dead puppies and kittens in crates reveal the dark side of China’s mystery box craze 20.05.2021

One Green Planet I Pet delivery in gift boxes causes outrage among Chinese animal rights activists 03.02.2021

The Independent I Stop the illegal wildlife trade: how loopholes in China’s animal protection law risk new virus outbreaks 01.02.2021

South China Morning Post I Animal rights in China: pets by post scheme sparks outrage among advocacy groups 30.01.2021

Reporterre I Covid upsets the global fur market 27.01.2021

Green Queen I China wildlife ban: revised law continues exploitation, fails to protect animals 21.01.2021

CGTN I China’s faux fur craze is anything but fake 20.01.2021

Vogue Business I Global fur trade relies on China. Is the mood shifting? 18.01.2021

Jing Daily I A fur-free future depends on China 10.01.2021


New York Times I Is this the end of the mink coat? 29.12.2020

Jing Daily I Why luxury needs China’s impact-conscious consumers 03.12.2020

The Blue Marble I Connecting and protecting our ecosystems – A conversation with Pei Su of ACTAsia 01.12.2020

Well/Beings Charity I A conversation with Pei Su, founder of ACTAsia 1.12.2020

Quartz Covid fears are disrupting the $30 billion global fur industry 13.11.2020

Ecologist – Informed by nature I Covid-19 and the fur industry 13.11.2020

Choice I Is it faux or is it real? Australia’s hidden fur trade 30.09.2020

National Geographic I World’s largest reindeer herd targeted by poachers for antler velvet 13.08.2020

Ecologist – Informed by nature I Wildlife markets in the west 10.07.2020

ACS CBN News I Keeping wildlife off the menu, China’s tough promise to keep 08.06.2020

New York Times I China Coronavirus Wildlife Ban 07.06.2020

Euronews I Coronavirus: Five myths about the deadly illness busted 02.05.2020

Species United Podcast I Pei Su: The Pioneer Promoting Compassion for Animals In Asia Through Education 16.04.2020

Species United Podcast I Pei Su: COVID-19, The Wildlife Trade And China 16.04.2020

The Third Pole China’s wildlife meat ban in the wake of coronavirus outbreak may not work 15.04.2020

BBC News I Covid outbreak challenges China after ban on eating wild animals 14.04.2020 I talks with ACTAsia 06.04.2020

VegNews I 15 vegan women activists of color you need to know about 04.03.2020


The Sentience Institute Podcast I Pei Su of ACTAsia on Humane Education 03.12.2019

Live Kindly I California bans the sale of fur 11.09.2019

Pet News Australia I New Research into China’s Fur Trade Shows Health Industry and Consumer Appetite for Fur-Fashions 27.10.2019

Xinhuanet I 51 Chinese cities host record Adoption Day for rescued stray animals 15.05.2019

China Daily I 51 Chinese cities host record ‘Adoption Day’ for rescued stray animals 15.04.2019

Vet Practice I Partnership to enhance veterinary education in China 18.02.2019


South China Morning Post I The Shenzhen activists trying to stop Yulin dog slaughter and revive coral reefs 18.12.18

CGTN I Chanel sheds crocodile and snake skin 06.12.18


Unbound Project I Pei Feng Su 30.05.2018

Jing Daily I Fur Faces Opposition in Chinese Fashion Industry 03.06.2018


Business Insider I China’s proposed site for the 2022 Winter Olympics is also the country’s ‘fur capital’ 30.07.2015

Global Times I Fur Free Fashion – ACTAsia calls for a life without cruelty to animals 23.01.15