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Through education, we promote compassion for animals, kindness towards people and respect for the environment in China and throughout Asia.

ACTAsia was founded in 2006 by an Asian sociologist and an Asian veterinarian, with the aim to help Asian cultures evolve into caring societies, respecting all forms of life. We initiate education programmes for gradual and sustainable social change and from small beginnings, we are making a large impact on the lives we touch through our three programmes.


ACTAsia’s founder’s story

When I was a child in Asia, not many of us grew up with pets. It was unusual to show empathy towards animals, but more fundamentally, it was unusual for parents to openly demonstrate love towards their children. This emotional reserve is common in parts of Asia, and tends to inhibit children from developing social and emotional intelligence, the kind of intelligence necessary to become a responsible adult.

Pei Su is the founder of ACTAsia.

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Our history

Our history

Find out how and why ACTAsia was born, why education became our focus, and how we are still evolving and growing today

Our team

Our team

ACTAsia has a growing team of staff and volunteers in Europe, USA, China and Australia. Find out what we all do

Our partners

Our partners

ACTAsia works with a wide variety of organisations and individuals across the world, who together help us to achieve our mission

Teachers who are in touch with nature can better promote the connections between people, animals and environment

Parent Power is part of our CFL Education programme, helping parents to reinforce compassionate behaviour in children

We work with veterinary partners Vets for Compassion, Australia, to promote animal welfare and good practice

China's left-behind children

Yang Wan Shu lives hundreds of miles away from her parents

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