About us

We promote compassion for people, kindness towards animals and respect for our beautiful planet.

ACTAsia works to create a more compassionate world for animals, people and the environment. Our goal is to educate children, consumers and professionals in Asian societies to help build a kinder and more sustainable world. 

Our teams and partners on the ground across Asia deliver impactful, holistic education programmes that aim to tackle the root cause of societal issues and challenges facing large parts of Asia.

Pei Su

Pei’s story

When I was a child in Asia, not many of us grew up with pets. It was unusual to show empathy towards animals, but more fundamentally, it was unusual for parents to openly demonstrate love towards their children. This emotional reserve is common in parts of Asia, and tends to inhibit children from developing social and emotional intelligence, the kind of intelligence necessary to become a responsible adult.

Why Asia?

Asia is the earth’s largest and most populous continent. Rapid economic development and huge population growth is rapidly transforming Asia which is often at the expense and suffering of animals and the environment – which are frequently seen as commodities or resources in many parts of Asia. Many Asian nations do not have legislation or the infrastructure in place to protect animals and Asian cities are facing the greatest risks from environmental issues such as pollution, extreme heat, climate change and natural disasters. Among the 100 cities most at risk, 99 of them are in Asia.

Our team

ACTAsia is an international NGO with staff, board members, advisors and supporters spread across four continents. A truly international team of educational programme directors and outreach directors work alongside a board of highly respected advisors. ACTAsia is registered as a non-profit organisation in the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia, with 501(c)3 status in the US and offices in China and ACTAsia has a Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC.


If you would like to find out more about how ACTAsia directly helps animals, people and the environment or why we focus on education or how you can help us then take a look at our FAQs to find answers to all your questions. 

“CFL has taught me to practice compassion in all parts of my life and I strongly believe that it is a foundation by which we should all live our lives.”

Mrs Fang


ACTAsia is very fortunate to work with some incredible corporations and people. ACTAsia works closely with the UN, universities, philanthropic organisations, corporate entities and non-profit organisations. Find out more about our partners.


ACTAsia is thrilled to have been awarded many international accolades for our ground breaking work including highly respected recognition by the United Nations. We have been awarded for our work in children’s education, animal welfare and consumer awareness.