Compassionate Choices Network

The goal of the network is to focus on issues affecting animals, people and the environment. ACTAsia invited selected Asian non-governmental organisations to join the network to promote a shift in behaviour patterns amongst consumers in Asia. 

What is the CCN

The goal of the Compassionate Choice Network is to focus on issues affecting animals, people and the environment by using education to address, highlight and resolve harmful practices.The CCN supports Asian organisations across the region bringing together Asian spokespeople who work together to reduce animal consumption, to protect humans from harm and to safeguard the environment by promoting responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyle. Strong localised partnerships aligning cultural preferences are core to the project.

What area does the CCN address and who makes up the CCN?

The CCN addresses four areas: 

  • Food (plant-based diets)
  • Clothing (sustainable and fur fee fashion)
  • Home/Living (eco-friendly and cruelty free products) 
  • Travel (energy saving and low carbon emission). 

Members of the CCN are sought from educational settings, plant-based food suppliers, sustainable fashion houses and renewable energy and transport sectors with the aim of promoting sustainable consumption patterns. Raising consumer awareness and corporate responsibility in production and consumption is key to CCN with the goal of increasing recognition, interest and acceptance of sustainable plant-based diets and reducing the use of animals in everyday life, thereby breaking down socio economic and cultural norms in Asia. 

Why is there the need to create an Asian network?

Working collectively has tremendous benefits of scale. In creating the CCN we hope to create long lasting behaviour change across the region by: 

  • Sharing our collective vision for change 
  • Bringing together mid-sized organisations to share and scale up  
  • Highlighting and strengthening the expertise within Asia from member organisations so that others can learn from their success stories 
  • Supporting members to grow and develop by identifying their needs
  • Empowering leadership across the Asia region 
  • Supporting Asian organisations in their growth and sustainability

How can the CCN make a difference to everyday lives?

Sustainability is often viewed as a complicated and expensive concept for many Asian companies but we want to debunk this myth and educate future generations.  ACTAsia strongly believes that in order to create long lasting behavioural change across the region, that we need a network that can support fellow member organisations by sharing ACTAsia’s vision for change. Each organisation will bring their unique skillset to the CCN thereby scaling up and sharing the positive impact across Asia.


Strong localised partnerships aligning cultural preferences are core to the project.

How will success be monitored?

Success will be demonstrated by a significant growth in consumer acceptance of plant-based diets, sustainable fashion, renewable energy and transport. Impact will show populations demanding more from the food, fashion and energy industries. Our path will focus on raising consumer awareness and corporate responsibility in production and consumption. Fundamental to its success will be changes in legislation and policy integral to sustainable and compassionate lifestyles.