CFL Consumer Education

ACTAsia’s work focuses on raising awareness surrounding the exploitation of animals, people and the environment in production methods for consumer related items.

ACTAsia’s Fur Free project

ACTAsia’s Fur Free project helps consumers make informed choices by shining a light on the reality of the fur industry. ACTAsia highlight the facts and practices surrounding breeding, animal capture, the conditions that animals are kept in, slaughter methods and the environmentally damaging production process of fur. We publish and update research into these areas and we help people choose alternatives. We do this because the industry is well versed in hiding the brutal realities of fur production. 

ACTAsia’s Fur Free and Sustainable Fashion Show

ACTAsia hosts an annual International Fur Free Sustainable Fashion Festival in major Chinese cities with renowned international speakers who discuss the ethical issues behind fur production, the environmental impact and the importance of sustainable fashion. Speakers from the fashion and beauty industries have included Stella Maccartney and multiple international experts. Recent Fashion Festivals have included a sensational fur free art exhibition with stunning sculptures and drawings and a fur free bazaar. 

ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network

ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network supports Asian organisations across the region. The role of the CCN is to bring together Asian spokespeople who work together to reduce animal consumption, to protect humans from harm and to safeguard the environment by promoting responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyles. Strong localised partnerships aligning cultural preferences, are core to the project. Members are sought from educational settings, plant-based food suppliers, sustainable fashion houses and renewable energy and transport sectors with the aim of promoting sustainable consumption patterns.

Plant Forward

Plant Forward is an Asian-focused free event, held online over two weeks, across six countries. Organised by ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network, Plant Forward is the first event of its kind and the aim is to increase understanding of plant-based eating and to explain why plants are a vital part of a sustainable future.


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“It was shocking to see fur as almost a throw away commodity. It was a real eye opener for me as that was not how the industry typically sees fur – as living beings being converted into items that are essentially worn and thrown away because they are so cheap. It was fast fashion for fur which was unsettling – this was not the vision of a luxury product”.

John Lau | London College of Fashion