Veterinary CPD, Webinar 16: One Health for Clinical Veterinarians

Professor Lu Chair of One Health China

One Health for clinical veterinarians

Prof. Lu explained what is One Health to the Vets; its history and development, public health issues and challenges that human are facing such as COVID, SARS, H5N1, African Swine Fever and importantly Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Prof. Lu reviewed examples of West Nile Virus from US and Hendra Virus from Australia and how these situations have been managed by One Health methods. Discussion was led around how the UK has been managing AMR using One Health approach. An overview of what Professor Lu’s laboratory team has been working on in China and collaborations of the world.

In the Q&A session, professor Lu talked about his opinion on rabies vaccines, and encouraged vets to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment protocols to help combat AMR.