Annual Review – What ACTAsia got up to in 2023

ACTAsia’s mission is to: ‘Drive compassion and kindness amongst Asian societies through the education of children, consumers, and professionals.’

In 2023 we have worked harder than ever to deliver our goals. Against a backdrop of global uncertainty and facing an environmental crisis, ACTAsia’s education programmes are more important than ever.

2023 has seen ACTAsia continuing to reach an increased number of children, consumers and professionals with our vision for a more compassionate world for animals, people and the environment. ACTAsia’s established events and programmes have continued to grow and innovate in 2023 and have reached an even wider audience

It’s impossible to list all the incredible work that ACTAsia has achieved in 2023 but we wanted to share some of the major events of 2023:

Plant Forward – ACTAsia’s major campaign of 2023

ACTAsia’s Plant Forward campaign – now in its second year – involved nine Asian countries and reached 14.5m people through social media impressions. This bold and innovative campaign was launched last year to inspire Asian consumers to explore the benefits of a plant-based sustainable lifestyle. Pei spoke passionately about her vision for Plant Forward which is run in conjunction with ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network over a two-week period. Plant Forward showcased inspiring talks from health professionals, live cooking demonstrations and guest speakers who shared their experience of local sustainability solutions across Asia. Plant Forward 2023 also invited Asian consumers to take part in the 10-day meal swap challengeto promote sustainable living.

What ACTAsia wants to achieve in 2024

  • To publish the full Caring for Life primary school curriculum in Chinese 
  • To have an even greater number of children involved in our Earth Day events
  • To reach more children in rural China by teaching compassion and empathy
  • To continue the consumer surveys on the impact of fur in fashion in China (both quantitative and qualitative) 
  • To celebrate the 10th International Fur Free Sustainable Fashion Festival with cross sector collaborations 
  • To add more fashion brands to the Fur Free Retailer scheme
  • To continue building the Compassionate Choices Network, enabling like-minded groups in Asia to work together
  • To launch the Plant Forward 2024 campaign and reach more people in Asia with the message that plant-based is the future 
  • To continue collaboration with the local government roll out of ‘Train The Trainer’ veterinarian training in rural China
  • To reach more university students and young professionals to enrol on ACTAsia’s sustainable fur free fashion course in China
  • To work tirelessly to create a compassionate world for animals, people and the environment

2023 in numbers: