2023 Compassion in Fashion Forum Speakers

ACTAsia’s ‘Compassion in Fashion Forum’ on April 18th featured expert speakers discussing ‘Fur Free for the Green Development of the Industry’ in fashion and beauty. Catch up on individual recordings of each speaker on our YouTube channel, accessible through their respective speaker cards.

We use fur free as a first step towards sustainability. Individuals and consumers need to change. Brands must be ready to deliver sustainable products.

Echo Liu

Shenzhen supports the development of new carbon technologies to bring greener lifestyles. SGIA launched the first carbon neutral Fashion Week and attracts designers with green values.

Ming Pan’s opening speech

Our focus is on environmental protection. We must raise consumer awareness and in turn consumers need the opportunity to buy safe and green products.

Yutong Xiong’s opening speech

We encourage brands to use natural resources and renewable energy to produce them.

Labelling of garments with carbon emissions is now coming into place and can be seen on garments, helping consumers to choose ‘low carbon’ to fit their lifestyles and values.

Xu Lijie’s presentation

GenZ has less loyalty for brands. They want their values to match the brand and they are more likely to jump to brands that fit their values. Branding and publicity industries need to make sure that marketing is honest and transparent and that real information is available.

Lupi Yao’s talk

AMFI empowers each individual to benefit the fashion industry, society and the planet. There is still room to align with the local environment and local industry and stay in touch with the global changes and network of education.

José Teunissen’s presentation

We have to protect the environment through the choice of materials we use. Consumers wish to choose brands with a strong voice for sustainability and that are animal free.

Sijia Jiang’s talk

Q&A Session

Sylvia Cai

The full recording of the event is also available on YouTube. Follow the link below to access it.

Full recording