Fur-Free fashion wins hearts in Shanghai

Over the course of the two-day gala event and fashion forum, hosted in collaboration with the London School of Fashion, a total of seven fashion brands signed up to a fur-free future and joined the international Fur Free Retailer scheme.

Three top designers – Grace Chen (pictured above left, with ACTAsia CEO Pei Su), Michael Wong and Maryma – pledged their commitment to the scheme. Carol Imo, CEO of Kering Pacific was also there to give his support to the movement away from real fur.

ACTAsia is running its own campaign to urge the public to make a pledge to live a Fur-Free life. You can add your voice here.

“As fashion designers, we can actually come up with plenty ideas on how to replace the functionalities & texture of fur and hence can provide consumers with many alternatives. In China, we only start to actively protect animals and the environment in these recent years. Therefore, we would love to use fashion, as a common language shared among people, to further promote fur free.” Grace Chen

Editor of InStyle China, Jerry Ng, promised to keep her magazine’s fashions fur-free – a first in China.

“Now, more than ever, is the time to go fur-free” Jerry Ng, InStyle China

Many other celebrities also backed the event and its underlying message that the future of fashion should have a conscience, promote sustainability, and shun real animal fur. French ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem, photographer Gilles Tapie, singer Jill Hsu, actor Jerry Huang and martial arts master Eric Lee each lent their support, and singer-songwriter David Wong roused the listener’s conscience with his performance lamenting the sadness behind animal fur. You can hear what they have to say about Fur-Free and learn more about our events here

With an estimated media-reach of 15 million inside China, the events have sparked great interest in the reasons for a movement away from animal fur, and support for alternatives.

“This development shows that we truly are moving towards a better society with more respect for the environment, compassion for life and a more caring attitude towards humanity at large.” Pei Su, CEO ACTAsia

We fully expect that next year, our fur-free fashion events will fuel even more support for the movement and find many new designers on-board.

Follow this link to make your own Fur-Free pledge.