Parent Power is key when it comes to kindness

Our new Parent Power initiative has been met with enthusiasm by the parents of children taking part in our CFL course. Once they see positive changes towards more considerate behaviour in their children, parents are keen to reinforce the benefits.

Over the past couple of months we’ve held two workshops to guide parents in raising more thoughtful and compassionate children. Learned behaviours from parental role models can have either positive or negative effects, which is why Caring for Life recognises that an education at school can be much more effective when supported at home. On 19 April our ACTAsia CFL project lead, Zhang Yuanyuan, addressed more than 20 full-time mothers from the town of Buji on the importance of empathy and compassion within the family. Back in March, 17 mums and one dad came back to the classroom for a Parent Power event in Shanghai. Special guest WuQi helped demo a presentation on dog behaviour – which was especially useful as only 3 of the 18 parents had a pet at home.

Parent Power workshops offer great opportunities for parents and carers to experience some of our CFL school activities for themselves. Our blindfold nature walk is a popular way to help zone-in on particular senses and to help teach us trust and responsibility, and tips on how all of us can build better relationships with our children are usually very welcome.