Big names support Fur-Free Fashion in China

You can hear what some of our supporters had to say, and join them by making a pledge of your own to live a fur-free life

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Three new China designers joined the Fur Free Retailer scheme: Grace Chen, Maryma, and MW Michael Wong, alongside other international names including Kering Pacific.

The event showcased eight brands: Naparijri (Italy), Pat Gutzik (Poland), MW Michael Wong (China-Hong Kong, USA), Maryma (China), Grace Chen (China-USA), Tiffany Pattinson (China-Hong Kong), Ji Cheng (China), Awakening (China), Polyimide (China), and Macrojoint (China-Taiwan).

We are delighted that our collaborators LCF are now working with us to develop their sustainable fashion course further.

London College of Fashion is proud to collaborate with ACTAsia to lead the way to educating industry and consumers on sustainable practices for a fur-free future. The College strives to contribute to the fashion industry by educating students to become responsible leaders of tomorrow.”
John Lau, Associate Dean, LCF

Singer-songwriter David Wong performed a ballad about living a fur-free life, which he wrote for the occasion. And acclaimed French ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem and her husband, photographer Gilles Tapie, were also there to receive an award for their contribution to the cause, and lend their voices and support to a fashionable fur-free future.

You too can give your support to a fur-free future by making a pledge never to buy real animal fur here