Success Story – Jie Li

In a world where sustainability and eco-conscious living are ever-more important, Jie Li’s story stands as an inspiring testament to the power of dedication and purpose.

From her early days studying traditional Chinese medicine to her current role as Brand Manager at HONA Organic, China’s pioneering organic condiment brand, Ms. Li’s journey is a remarkable one. HONA Organic’s commitment to providing organic and sustainable condiments has made the company an emblem of eco-friendly change in China and internationally. We are proud to be showcasing the incredible work of Jie Li and ACTAsia’s longstanding partnership with HONA Organic.

From Dietitian to Eco-Warrior: The Inspiring Journey of Ms. Jie Li  

Jie Li has a unique and inspiring journey that led her to HONA Organic. As a university student, she initially studied traditional Chinese medicine. However, her true passion lay in the world of nutrition and dietetics. She began her career in the field of dietitian training, but her path took a significant turn when she encountered Harvest Organic. She was steered toward promoting sustainable flavours and a more nature-friendly approach to eating. Ms. Li’s journey mirrors the transformation of China’s perception of organic food and the commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly living.

Jie Li zoom call
Engaging in a meaningful Zoom conversation with Jie Li

A Personal Connection to Earth 

Jie Li’s connection to the land, her upbringing in rural China, and her family’s close relationship with farming and agriculture played a pivotal role in shaping her commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. She witnessed the impact of pesticide use on the health of farmers and the environment, and how it led to the loss of biodiversity in her hometown. It was this deep connection to the land that inspired her to make more people aware of the importance of organic farming and food.

Jie Li passionately conveys the principles of sustainable cooking and the importance of using organic condiments to enhance the original flavours of food. She emphasises that choosing food isn’t just about taste; it’s about the impact on one’s body, the environment, and the planet.

organic condiments on display
Fashion Forum attendees had the opportunity to explore the delicious product range of Hona Organic

HONA Organic: Pioneer of Sustainable Condiments

HONA Organic, founded 12 years ago, has championed a mission that embraces the essence of sustainable and nature-friendly eating. Their range of organic products includes soy sauce, sauce, vinegar, oil, cooking wine, tomato salsa, and compound condiments, all produced in harmony with the environment.

Jie Li shares, ‘We advocate the sustainable cuisine philosophy of Organic Kitchen. When we deliver this philosophy, we focus more on the relationship between food and self, others, and the environment in the kitchen.’ This, she continues, ‘is also a responsibility and an obligation to small, ecological, healthy, and sustainable production methods, as well as to guarantee and respect biodiversity.’

HONA Organic takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. For every bottle of soy sauce they produce, SGS carbon emission monitoring is carried out, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. Additionally, all promotional materials, brand books, and packaging boxes are FSC certified, underlining their dedication to responsible production.

The heart of HONA Organic’s mission is to make organic, healthy eating accessible to all, breaking the misconception that organic food is exclusive or expensive. China’s strict certification standards for organic food have been met by HONA Organic, additionally passing certifications from the EU, Japan, and the United States to assure consumers of the highest standards of organic quality.

Forum attendees tasting one of our plant based food stands

HONA Organic and ACTAsia: Making a Difference Together

HONA Organic’s partnership with ACTAsia has been crucial in promoting their shared mission of compassion and eco-friendly living. The collaboration began more than eight years ago, and HONA Organic has been an invaluable contributor. They have supported ACTAsia in various programs, from raising funds during the 99 Charity Day initiative to becoming an essential partner for Plant Forward 2023 and conducting a fantastic webinar about nutritious, low-carbon, sustainable cooking and diets. Last autumn, Ms. Li was one of the featured guests in the Eco-forward lifestyle exhibition at ACTAsia’s 9th International Fur Free Sustainable Fashion Festival

Ms. Li emphasised the importance of this collaboration, saying, ‘HONA organic not only sells products, but wants to popularise healthy food, lifestyles and organic concepts to the public.’ 

The partnership between ACTAsia and HONA Organic is rooted in shared values. ACTAsia’s transformative work in advocating for a compassionate and eco-friendly future aligns seamlessly with HONA Organic’s commitment to sustainable, nature-friendly food. Together, they are paving the way for a more compassionate and green future, a vision that resonates with the evolving preferences of consumers worldwide.

An Inspiring Message from Ms. Li 

In her personal journey with HONA Organic, Ms. Li has found a profound sense of responsibility. As she shares, ‘This year, our environmental problems are especially serious. We can feel that all of us have been influenced by pollution and other environmental problems. I hope in the future that my job can help inspire more people to pay attention to the environment and organic food to make our lives better.’

Supporting a Compassionate and Greener Future 

As we celebrate Ms. Li’s inspiring journey and the invaluable partnership between HONA Organic and ACTAsia, we invite you to be a part of this transformative mission. Your support, in any form, contributes to a more compassionate and eco-friendly future. Consider donating to ACTAsia and help pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world where compassion and nature-friendly living prevail.

In a world where every choice we make counts, let us choose compassion and sustainability. Join us on this inspiring journey towards a better future, one where the environment and health are cherished and protected. Together, we can make a difference.