Success Story – United by Compassion: ACTAsia’s Global Team Driving Change

Meet the faces of ACTAsia: the backbone of our successes. Spanning the United Kingdom, China, Greece and the United States, our teams spirit and tireless dedication defines ACTAsias remarkable work. 

2023 has been a year of incredible growth and accomplishment for ACTAsia. From the 9th International Fur Free & Sustainable Fashion Festival to our 2nd annual Plant Forward Campaign to our critical Train the Trainer initiative and beyond, our compassionate message continues to flourish. As we gear up for a new year of advocacy, join us in celebrating the beating heart behind our success—the remarkable ACTAsia team. This story is about more than achievement; it’s about diversity, collaboration, teamwork, and unmatched compassion propelling our mission. In this article, we introduce the committed people behind ACTAsia and their inspiring dedication to making a change.

Diverse Backgrounds, Common Passion  

In the heart of our small but impactful organisation, our diverse and dedicated team is multi-continental and multi-cultural. Each member brings a unique story, skill set, and passion for promoting compassion for animals, people, and the environment. Their collective efforts aim to address the root causes of societal issues, emphasising education as a powerful tool for positive change.

Whether a recent addition to the team or a volunteer during ACTAsia’s establishment, each team member brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Let’s delve into the stories and contributions of this dynamic global team.

Meet the Team

DAWN, Director of Programmes, is based in the UK. From her early days in animal protection, Dawn came to understand the crucial importance of education to realise systemic change. ‘Looking at issues from a holistic point of view is more than just a concept. It’s not just animals. It needs to be people; it needs to be the environment.’ 

ECHO, China Head of Programmes, began her involvement with ACTAsia as a university student. ‘I was part of the first group of volunteers to be trained as a Caring for Life Children’s Education Instructor in the first CfL pilot school in China,’ she shared. 

KAYLA, China Partnership & Outreach Director, has been with ACTAsia for many years. The Shanghai fur free fashion show and gala event was a turning point for me,’ Kayla shared. 

JESSICA, China Operations Director and sister of Pei is based in Guangdong. Jessica’s passion for the cause and the team is infectious. ‘Education is long-term work. It is hard to see quick results, but it is so important’ she said. ‘The network of support [here at ACTAsia] allows me to be dedicated.’

JOY, Compassionate Choices Lead& Research Lead, is based in Texas, USA. In addition to leading the development of the CCN and its Plant Forward campaign, she oversees our incredible fur free research across China.

KERENZA, Caring for Life Project Officer, is based in Greece. ‘I’ve always been in animal protection, and I came on board with ACTAsia when it was a tiny team of about three to five people doing everything, from communications to projects to all the admin,’ she smiled.

SYLVIA, China Senior Caring for Life Project Officer, recalls the lasting impact of an ACTAsia poster that she saw in elementary school, and has been dedicated to the fur free mission ever since. Initially a CfL volunteer, she has been working for ACTAsia since 2017. 

DAN, China Caring for Life Project Officer, is based in Guangdong, where she supports the CfL programme for both children and professionals.

MONICA, China Caring for Life Project Officer, is based in Shanghai. She spoke about feeling inspired by ACTAsia. ‘It is an incredibly professional and caring team.’

ZHENZHEN has been part of ACTAsia since 2017. ‘There have been many challenges but also many achievements,’ she reflected. ‘I have learned so much with ACTAsia.’

SNOW, China Communications Officer, transitioned from journalism to NGO work after becoming preoccupied with rescuing animals during the pandemic. ‘I really believe in ACTAsia,’ she said, ‘I feel that ACTAsia’s concepts are the only way toward the ultimate goal of achieving animal rights.’ 

YVES, China Communications Officer, is enjoying her first full-time NGO position after completing her Master’s in the UK. ‘Education not only brings knowledge to children,’ she shared, ‘but teaches them humanity. 

KAREN, Partnership & Outreach Director, based in the UK. She is a passionate animal protection ambassador who manages all of ACTAsia’s fundraising.

ROSS, Video Editor and copywriter, is based in the UK. Ross has been with ACTAsia from the beginning, drawing the original logo 17 years ago with an ink pen! A multitasker, he supports ACTAsia wherever he can. ‘It feels good to do something, he said, ‘It feels good to make a difference.’

ALICE, Marketing Consultant, is based in the UK where she oversees all digital communications. ‘My focus is on creating a better future through social media campaigns, email marketing, website content, and online ads.’

ANTONIS, Head of Communications, is based in Greece. His concern for animal welfare led him to ACTAsia, where he is continually inspired by the team. ‘Through a multicultural, cross-continental sharing of ideas, we come up with solutions to problems that trouble us.’ 

LISA, Assistant of CEO Pei, provides incredible support to the global team from her location in the UK. 

Overcoming Challenges, Celebrating Milestones 

The team acknowledges the hurdles they face, from time zone differences to language barriers, cultural nuances and technological variations. Despite ACTAsia’s incredible reach and multidimensionality, ‘we can’t ever get too ahead of ourselves,’ said Kerenza. ‘Yeah,’ Ross chimed in, ‘you can’t make any assumptions about anything,’ ‘But everyone in the team always comes to help,’ said Jessica. And for that reason, Dawn highlighted, every achievement is shared. ‘Everybody takes a piece of each celebration, because everybody at some point will have been involved in it.’

‘What makes me happiest is the team. Being able to bring the compassion that we use in our children’s education curriculum  and our programmes to our individuals. I’ve never known a team that supports each other so fully.’

Impact Award from Earth Team Alliance on December 6th for exceptional work in China, especially in children’s education.

A Symphony of Compassion and Collaboration

The team embodies ACTAsia’s compassionate message and puts Caring for Life into practice in all facets of their work. And our accomplishments speak for themselves. On December 6th, ACTAsia received an Impact Award from Earth Team Alliance for our extraordinary work in China, particularly in the area of children’s education. This award is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. 

Each team member’s story intertwines with the broader narrative of ACTAsia’s growth and impact. From diverse backgrounds and different corners of the globe, they converge with a shared vision, contributing their skills and passion to build a more compassionate world. This global symphony of collaboration and dedication reflects the power of individuals united under a common cause.

Antonis summed up the team’s ethos, stating, ‘Despite our different backgrounds, we come together for something bigger than us.’ Now, ACTAsia invites you to be a part of that unity and contribute to our cause. Donate now to support ACTAsia’s vision of creating compassion through education.