Plant Forward
15–31 July 2024
Our sustainable future is with plants





Plant Forward. The only regional campaign of its kind.

Plant Forward is an annual two-week festival that celebrates plant-based living and raises awareness surrounding sustainable consumption across Asia.

Organised by ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network, Plant Forward helps people in Asia learn that the food we eat, and the choices we make in our daily lives, all have an impact on animals, people and the environment.

This year nine countries – China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Tuvalu and Vietnam – will be joining Plant Forward events with a range of exciting and engaging activities. Click the links to find out more.


Join us for Plant Forward Bingo + Prizes!


7-day Dairy Free Challenge – learn about diary free alternatives available and the benefit to your health and the health of the planet 


Plant Forward Bingo + Prizes!  Follow link to find out more! 


7-day Vegan Challenge – a fun, easy way to try veganism, learn about your health, reduce your carbon footprint and find compassion towards living creatures. 


Join us for Plant Forward Bingo + Prizes! Follow link to find out more! 


10-day Meal Swap Challenge. Discover an exciting new daily menu by making positive food swaps


Join us for Plant Forward Bingo + Prizes! Follow link to find out more!  


Recipe Competition. We can’t wait to try your recipe entries! 

Online Webinar Series

12 July

As we get ready to kick off Plant Forward 2024, we celebrate China’s National Low-carbon Day. Together we can promote green, low-carbon and sustainable production and sustainable lifestyles.

17 July

Vlog with Pei Su, ACTAsia’s founder and CEO, to discuss compassionate, sustainable consumption in Asia.

17, 18 July

Livestream of cooking demonstrations with Philippines Youths for Animals.

24 July

Plant Forward hosts a special webinar event with the Youth Voices of Good Food Fund to explore the vision of a plant-based, sustainable future.

Date TBC

Webinar with Greeneration Foundation. 

Our partners

Plant Forward is organised by ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network (CCN) in support of the UN Global Week of Action for Sustainable Development Goals. The CCN has 11 members across 9 Asian countries and work to drive sustainability, animal welfare and social equality in the region. We promote action through education.