Coming soon: Insights from China, COVID-19 and the wildlife trade

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The pandemic has resulted in changes that seemed like fiction only months ago. But this is our new global reality. We’ve all been affected, whether through the tragic loss of loved-ones, loss of jobs and livelihoods, or loss of liberty.

For many of us, the peak of lock-down has yet to come. But nation by nation, we are beginning to emerge from isolation, with China leading the way.

As we eagerly anticipate the dawn of our ‘new normal’, ACTAsia’s Founder and CEO Pei Su will be answering your questions about the root cause of COVID-19, the virus’s connection to China’s wildlife trade and how ACTAsia is helping to change attitudes and protect us from future outbreaks of disease.

Be there on Wednesday 15 April at:

11am EST
11pm China
4pm GMT 
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Pei will be there to answer your questions in real-time, sharing in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and insights about the ban on eating wildlife in China. She’ll talk about ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education programmes, and how education can help protect people, animals and the environment against commercial exploitation in future. Questions include:

1. What’s the connection between COVID-19 and the wildlife trade?
2. What does ‘wildlife’ mean in China and how is the definition different from the rest of the world?
3. What are the problems with the ban?
4. Which species of animal are included in the ban?
5. What is a wet market and have they been banned? What does this mean for the future spread of disease?
6. How much will this ban affect people’s everyday lives in China?
7. What issues is ACTAsia fighting for in terms of the ban? How can people help?
8. Is there real change happening in China for animals because of the pandemic?
9. What about dog meat – has that been affected?

Please join us and if you have any extra questions, you can add your own – you type, Pei talks.

See you there!

The team at ACTAsia