Celebrating ACTAsia CEO as 2019 Best Charity Figure at 9th China Charity Festival

Since the annual event was launched in 2011, the China Charity Festival is the first festival to celebrate charity. It promotes the spirit of public welfare, advocates acts of charity and has built a platform for dialogue and cooperation between influential figures. The awards have attracted outstanding philanthropists, entrepreneurs, government officials, NGOs, academia, and leaders across media, culture and the arts.

This year’s event was held in January in Shanda, Beijing. Its theme was ‘Charity creates happiness’, and its spirit defined as ‘Because of Love’. Pei Su shared the stage with an impressive line-up of winners, invited to share their innovative ideas through talks and initiatives. The award was given for her efforts and influence through ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education programme, which promotes the harmonious coexistence of people, animals and the environment. Pei was invited as guest speaker to a forum after the event, to join discussion around corporate social responsibility and participation in public welfare, and explain the relevance of Caring for Life.

Previous charitable winners include China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Children’s Philanthropy Association, Xingxing Yu (Office of International Education), and Chunhui Pok Oi, a major Hong Kong hospital.