Success story – Miss Yuan / Teacher Team of Firefly Project

150,000 children have learned about the devastating effects of microplastics on the environment, thanks to a landmark collaboration between an educational team supported by a Chinese software business and ACTAsia.

The Teacher Team of Firefly Project was created by Miss Yuan, Educational research consultant of Seewo, a company which provides interactive educational software to Chinese schools, worked with ACTAsia to provide the online lessons and teaching materials for Earth Day.

Using technology for good

Children watched a special film to learn about microplastics and the issues they cause.

They then answered questions and took part in activities using educational materials based on the content of the film, all via Seewo’s education technology which is widely used by schools in China.

Seewo, which is part of a larger company called CVTE, developed the education platform which offers online teaching materials and remote lessons with real-life teachers via the internet.

Teachers can see how the children are responding to the class and interact with them. 

Achieving more through partnership

The project was initiated by Miss Yuan – and she also led the collaboration between Teacher Team of Firefly Project and ACTAsia.

“I’d heard about ACTAsia’s Caring for Life education work. So I got in touch with them and we decided to get involved,” Miss Yuan said.

“We’ve found that children really enjoy the remote classes. At first they can be too nervous to ask the teacher questions, but gradually they become more confident.

“This work is extremely important, so I hope to continue this collaboration – and in future I hope to combine environmental protection concepts with Chinese, maths and other subjects.”

Collaboration inspired by passion

Pei Su, ACTAsia’s founder, said: “It’s wonderful to be working in partnership with the Teacher Team of Firefly Project towards the common goal of teaching children about environmental issues, compassion for other people and for animals. 

“Thanks to this collaboration – our first corporate partnership in the education sector – many thousands more children will now grow up with a better understanding of the effect their actions have on the world.

“To reach so many children in such a short space of time is an amazing achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without their help.”

Teaching a new generation

Caring for Life is ACTAsia’s six-year curriculum for primary school-age children.

It includes lessons on citizenship, animal welfare and environmental issues which help children understand the connections between all living things.

Children who have completed the curriculum have gone on to demonstrate more compassion for people, kindness to animals and respect for our beautiful planet.

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