Electronic versions of ACTAsia’s published resources are listed here. Resources include academic research reports, guidance manuals for education programmes and workshops, programme evaluation, reviews and corporate information.

Press release: Global experts call on Chinese Government to revise law to reduce pandemic risk

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128 experts in public health, wildlife conservation and other One Health professions write to China’s top law-making body, calling for urgent changes to reduce the risk of another pandemic.

ACTAsia annual report 2019

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An overview of our achievements in 2019 across all of our programmes

Programme for 2020 Compassion in Fashion Forum: Sustainability begins with Fur Free

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The line-up of speakers and our partners for ACTAsia’s 6th International Sustainable Fur Free Fashion Festival, and background on the motivation behind the event.

Agenda for 6th International Sustainable fur Free Fashion Festival

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The agenda for our 2020 Compassion in Fashion Forum: Sustainability begins with Fur Free, held on 3 and 5 September 2020

Humane education can improve environmental behaviours

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The effect of humane education on self-reported behaviours addressing environmental issues in China, by William Ellery Samuels, Ph.D. This scientific report demonstrates dramatic improvements to children’s behaviour after a course in Caring for Life Education.

Q&A: coronavirus, China’s wildlife trade and wet-markets

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On 24 February 2020, the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress in China passed a decision to ban the consumption of wildlife as food, and the illegal wildlife trade. We bring you some simple Q&A to help separate fact from fiction.

ACTAsia general leaflet

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A first introduction to ACTAsia’s mission, goals and ethos.

iCARE launch brochure

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ACTAsia launches its online digital platform for Caring for Life Education: iCARE. Launched in collaboration with the Osler-McGovern Centre at the University of Oxford

China’s fur trade

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A report exploring the status of China’s fur trade and its position in the global fur industry

Caring for Life Education annual report 2018

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A look back at our Caring for Life Education programme for children in 2018