ACTAsia Christmas Message 2023

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

Dalai Lama in The Art of Happiness. 11 Aug 2022

I wanted to thank everyone who knows me for their support and kindness during 2023. I have been fortunate to experience love and compassion during this challenging year following my ongoing battle with cancer. The Dalai Lama’s words not only ring true for the situation I find myself in but also for wider humanity as we think of those in Middle East and Ukraine. 

The compassion from the ACTAsia team and volunteers has lifted my heart this year, as they have taken on a greater remit of work to deliver our vital education programmes across Asia. 

ACTAsia’s mission is to: ‘Drive compassion and kindness amongst Asian societies through the education of children, consumers, and professionals,’ and we have continued to forge ahead with our mission during this challenging year.  As a team we have worked hard to deliver our message of compassion and empathy for improved outcomes. 

I am looking forward to sharing ACTAsia’s ‘2023 wrap’ in January which showcases many of our inspiring highlights of the year. Projects included our innovative Plant Forward campaign, ACTAsia’s 9th International Fur Free Sustainable Fashion Festival, an incredible journey made by five vets to a remote area for essential training, and our consumer fur surveys which are the world’s first and most extensive studies on fur usage and consumption patterns in China.

But for now, I just wanted to express my immense gratitude to all those who have supported me personally and ACTAsia this year. Without your support we cannot continue our work that is creating positive societal change across Asian nations. 

Love and compassion are the fundamental cornerstones of humanity. Please enjoy this holiday season in the knowledge that your love and compassion for animals, people and the environment really do make a difference – on a personal and global scale.

Pei Su,
Co-Founder and CEO, ACTAsia