One Health Day 2022

Veterinary Training Series (CPD) Webinars: The prevention and treatment of ticks using One Health Approach

ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education programme responds to One Health by helping more people make more compassionate choices for the planet through educational practices that target children, professionals and consumers, recognising the close relationship between people, animals and the environment.

To promote greater awareness of One Health and the need to take a One Health approach to solving problems, World One Health Day has been celebrated on 3 November each year.

To celebrate this year’s One Health Day, ACTAsia, hosted an online forum on 2nd November featuring three national and international experts who shared their views on tick prevention and control from a One Health perspective. Ticks are common parasites and vectors of insect-borne diseases, carrying other bacteria and viruses and can be transmitted to other people and animals.

Professor Cao Yongguo

Professor Lu Jiahai

Professor Ryan Emeritus

You can now watch the webinar recording in Chinese on YouTube.

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