Stella McCartney speaks out on fur-free for ACTAsia

ACTAsia’s Fashion Forum took place at Fashion Zoo expo, on an unprecedented fur-free opening day for all exhibitors and guests. The forum addressed a live audience of 500 and reached out to an additional online audience of around 24,000.

Stella McCartney opened evening celebrations with a catwalk show, while like-minded fashionistas, campaigners and educators shared the day’s platform to convey a clear message to guests onsite and online, including press from 20 media outlets.

ACTAsia’s Pei Su opened Part 1 of the Forum with Sustainability begins with fur free, listing problems integral to real-fur production. She highlighted China as the hub of the global fur trade, producing more animals for their pelts than any other country in the world. The global impact of fur production on climate change, overconsumption of wildlife, intensive farming, inaccurate labelling of real fur products were also cited. Effective public education and moving towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production – were offered as potential solutions to industrial-scale problems. Pei expressed thanks to the British Consul Shanghai, LCF for their continuing support, British Council, Stella McCartney, Fashion Zoo expo, and the following corporates for their support: Super Zoo Coffee, Oatly – Sweden, Kamill – Germany, Enrich, Inner Chapter and YouRu Enterprise.