Six new schools to spread the word on CLE

Caring for Life Education has been taught in both urban and rural regions of China,  but it’s the rural areas where the issue of ‘left behind children’ makes our humane education program even more pertinent. Recently, we have discussed partnership with six schools from Shanghai and Hangzhou which are a special case.

Although these are private fee-paying schools, they are overcrowded with the children of migrant workers who have come from rural China to find employment in the cities.

The evaluation of CLE on these particular children will be especially interesting, as we hope to find proof that CLE can benefit all children – irrespective of their backgrounds – and improve their sociality.

In December 2016, our staff and volunteers travelled to Shanghai and held the first teacher training workshop for 30 of 90 teachers. During this workshop, teachers learned about new teaching methods, what compassion and empathy are, what animal sentience really is and among other things, critical thinking. One of the Principals thanked us wholeheartedly and said that he wanted to take these teachings to the kindergarten of his children too.

Our staff and volunteers hope to return to Hangzhou in spring 2017, to train the remaining teachers before CLE begins there.

To date (December 2016) CLE has reached more than 53,500 students and trained more than 1,100 teachers from 113 schools across China.