Founder of ACTAsia awarded by International Cat Care

On April 5th 2017, Ms Pei F. Su – founder and Executive Director of ACTAsia – won the International Cat Care Welfare of the Year award. This award celebrates recognition on an international level of her contribution and dedication to the education of young children, veterinary professionals and the public in order to improve animal welfare standards in China.
The International Cat Care award is presented each year at the Ceva Welfare Awards in Birmingham, UK. These awards recognise the charity teams and individuals who offer their daily lives to help improve animal welfare across the globe.

“The award is to highlight both cat welfare and an individual who is working on all levels, from hands on welfare to working with other organisations, government and more in order to bring a cohesive approach to welfare” stated Ms Bessant – Chief Executive of International Cat Care. She explains that “Asia is a vast and not understood by many western welfare organisations. There are many issues which can be raised and attract much media attention, such as the dog and cat meat trade and bear bile farms. However, Pei F. Su understands that to make lasting and widespread change, education is the key. Education is not sexy and a charity focusing on education does not get the same exposure or financial support as those which raise other more emotive issues. However, in the short time that ACTAsia has been in existence, this small charity has introduced a ‘Caring for Life’ programme which teaches children not just compassion for animals, but integrates the ethos into compassion and empathy for humans and the environment, making it more acceptable in schools and encouraging individuals in China to take action through compassionate lifestyle choices. Congratulations to Pei and her team for the work of ACTAsia!”.

“After 25 years of working in charity for the cause of animal welfare, this award has meant so much to me on a personal level. In 2016, ACTAsia received the ‘Charity of the Year’ CEVA award and it is a pleasant surprise and a great honour to receive this award personally. All of us at ACTAsia are so pleased to have our work recognised on an international level and we sincerely thank International Cat Care for this distinction” stated Ms Pei F. Su. Our team of volunteers and staff were delighted with the news which will motivate us all to continue our dedicated efforts in China to improve animal welfare.