Fashion, passion and compassion in Chongqing – Fur-Free Festival update!

So, what better time to harness the growing demand for fur-free than by hosting our International Fur-Free Fashion Festival, in one of the world’s largest fur buying cities, Chongqing in Southwest China. Chongqing is the fastest-growing urban centre on the planet. A city the size of Austria with a population bigger than that of Peru or Iraq, it also regularly ranks as having the most significant consumption of fur in China. Nevertheless, this “city of the future” is also home to a growing number of progressive, fashion-conscious, and internationally cultured communities demanding more sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

Eco-Friendly Venue

The Festival took place at Super Zoo, a state-of-the-art eco-friendly shopping mall and creative cultural hub in the heart of Chongqing. Super Zoo’s founder and CEO Vincent Li expressed his wholehearted support for hosting the Festival – We have a concept that animals are equal to humans and we share the same planet, a ‘Super Zoo.’ We will advocate for fur-free through our events for the Festival. We hope these events will engage more consumers in fur-free.”


Respected speakers from the beauty and fashion industries

The event attracted over 100 attendees to the Forum, over 3,700 people streaming live, and 4,500 viewing speakers online. Co-hosted by John Lau from the London College of Fashion, we were thrilled to welcome a range of highly experienced speakers, including the Department of International Trade at the British Consulate, fashion, and beauty Corporates from all over the world, and talented young Chinese fashion designers.

As John Lau commented, “We see more and more brands moving away from fur, and this is a good reflection of modern thinking and consumer preferences. This is a great time for the UK and China to engage and work towards global climate change goals. There are many opportunities to work together from policy, new technology, and knowledge sharing.”


Sensational Fur-Free Art Exhibition 

This year ACTAsia commissioned a stunning multi-sensory art exhibition in the galleries at Super Zoo, which enabled the public to experience what fur fashion means to humans, animals, and the environment. The award-winning Chinese illustrator, NuanNuan, created artwork around the theme of ‘Why fur is cruel,’ presenting ten questions and answers about fur through illustrations to the public. This work considers the impact on animals, environmental damage and sparks discussion about faux fur and future sustainability.

Xie Yong, a professor at Shenyang University’s Art Department, attracted huge crowds and strong reactions from visitors for his striking sculptures and artwork of fur animals covered in needles under the title of ‘Fur Hurts.’

“All art can convey messages; when you look into the eyes of those animals [sculptures] you step into the tragedy that they face for the sake of humans wanting to wear their skins” Rehana Mugal, Director of Arts, British Council in China


New Fur Free designers announced, joining our Fur Free Retailers Network.

ACTAsia was thrilled to welcome three young talented designers to join the Fur Free Retailers Scheme. Donsee10, Tuyue and Sijia Sudio. All three are passionate about the ecological integrity of their clothing and staunch advocates of sustainable fashion, avoiding negative environmental impacts in their production techniques.