Art Exhibition kicks off on International Children’s Day

After talking to all the children and their families about Caring for Life Education, time was spent engaging in the creative arts in preparation for the official opening of the art exhibition the next day.

ACTAsia partnered with LusiArt in Shanghai to link a charitable social cause with art. Nine artists came together to exhibit their work at the Tianzifang Arts Centre between the 2nd and 18th of June.

All the artwork had themes of humans-animals-nature in common and hundreds of children from ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education (CLE) schools visited the exhibition and learned through a variety of interactive means.In addition, a huge number of children and their families who visited the exhibition were also reached with ACTAsia’s messages.

Officials at the Opening Ceremony included representatives from the British Consulate of Shanghai, renowned Chinese socialites and people of the arts, all there united in a common cause: to make a better world through education and art!

Proceeds were donated to ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education (CLE) program in Shanghai.