Animal Rights Conference in Washington DC

The annual Animal Rights Conference in Washington DC has become a regular event for ACTAsia. It’s an opportunity to share and gain new insights with established collaborators, and a chance to create links with many new supporters each year.

Ms Pei Su, founder and Executive Director of ACTAsia, gave a presentation titled ‘Injecting Animal Welfare into China’, which focused on targeting stakeholders for sustainable social change. Ms Su explained how far-reaching change could be, using ACTAsia’s projects as examples. She illustrated how Caring for Life Education influences teachers and children, and in turn, many children have the power to change the thinking of their parents. Through ACTAsia’s Veterinary Training program, vets learn to understand animal sentience and become ambassadors of animal welfare among many audiences, including animal owners, local communities and even the government. And finally, ACTAsia’s campaign for a fur-free lifestyle is beginning to make an impact on both consumers and retailers, and through publicity will eventually put pressure on the fur industry to change their practices.

“An inspiring event! Gifted speakers from the movement and support for a common cause which was overwhelming” said Ms Su.