Professional education

We all turn to professionals for guidance at times. ACTAsia offers training and professional development to veterinarians, lawyers, doctors, social workers, teachers, journalists, nonprofit members and government officials.

Veterinary training

Our veterinary training programme, Train the Trainer, helps promote fundamental standards in the treatment of companion animals in China, where veterinary knowledge is limited to animal husbandry. We work in partnership with Vets for Compassion, Australia, to host regular workshops, where veterinarians can learn best practice.

While vets learn about the sentience of the animals they treat, they also learn proper anaesthesia techniques for surgery, current spay and neuter methods, the importance of pain management, and how vaccination can control rabies. The vets we teach become educators themselves, going out into their communities to share the knowledge and new methods they have learnt.

We promote responsible pet ownership, ensuring veterinarians fully understand animal sentience and act as ambassadors within society. Encouraging collaboration between vets and government officials and local animal protection groups is also a crucial part of our work.


Educational partners: World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

In 2019, ACTAsia became educational partners with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). Working together with valued existing partners Vets for Compassion, ACTAsia will now help WSAVA reach into the veterinary profession in China, taking best practice and high standards in pain relief, anaesthesia and animal welfare to our Train the Trainer and CPD workshops. WSAVA is a global community of more than 200,000 veterinarians worldwide. This educational collaboration between organisations aims to advance the health and welfare of companion animals, through the following four key pillars:

  • The advancement of companion animal welfare
  • The creation of globally relevant Standardisation Guildelines in key areas of veterinary care
  • The provision of continuing education (CE) for companion animal veterinarians globally
  • Increasing understanding of the importance of companion animals in the One Health movement.


Advanced Trainer Dr Yin receives award from World Veterinary Association and Ceva for her contribution to animal welfare and protection. Find out more


Teacher training

As part of Caring for Life Education, we train teachers to integrate our humane education programme into the school curriculum, supporting mandatory moral and quality education. We provide workshops, classroom support, and lesson plans as guidance.

Partners from Vets for Compassion, Australia, demonstrate new skills to Asian colleagues

Teachers attend a CFL workshop and try out classroom activities for themselves

Continued Professional Development for vets enables life-long learning

Primary school teachers go back to the classroom to learn how to implement Caring for Life in their schools