Consumer education

ACTAsia raises awareness about the exploitation of people, animals and the environment by consumer industries, where mass production places the highest value on profits.

It encompasses social welfare and citizenship, animal welfare, and environmental issues, and recognises the interdependence of all living things.

Brutality and environmental damage are common, especially in the production of animal-based products, such as meat, fur, or traditional Chinese medicine.

ACTAsia works to educate consumers about the industrialised cruelty and disregard for factory workers behind the goods they buy. We suggest alternative, more compassionate lifestyle choices.

Cats and dogs commonly supply demand for fur trim

The reality of fur

ACTAsia’s Fur Free programme is run in conjunction with the Fur Free Retailer. We inform consumers of the story behind fur, the brutal cruelty and catastrophic environmental damage that result from production. Fur Free Life gives consumers the facts behind China’s fur industry, whether that’s farming wild animals or capturing stray dogs and cats. As part of the Fur Free Retailer scheme, ACTAsia has recruited 30 brands in China, and we continue to encourage fashion designers and retailers to pledge never to use real fur. More than 820 retailers have joined the international scheme to-date.

We also publish details about animal breeding, capture, containment, and slaughter, and how the process of turning animal skins into viable fur garments is environmentally damaging. We publish and update research into these processes regularly, and promote informed choices. We also guide the public in sourcing ethical alternatives.

We also research into the true origins of real fur on our high streets, informing consumers of mislabelled goods and have conducted scientific research into the potentially hazardous toxic residues left in fur items for sale on the high street. We also organise a high profile annual cruelty-free fashion show in China, with this year’s event taking place in May 2018.

Dangerous working conditions

Fur workers have only basic protection from toxins at a factory in Lintong

No animal protection

There are no laws in China to protect animals from cruelty

Dog and cat fur

German shepherd skins are commonly used for rugs in China

Ginger tabby cats make popular fur blankets