iCARE is ACTAsia’s Institute of Caring for Life Academic Research & Education

It provides an online academic platform for ACTAsia’s education programmes and research projects, in collaboration with international universities. It supports a holistic approach in addressing the challenges of life and of progress, recognising the interrelationship between humans, animals and the environment.

iCARE can be a starting point for degree students, providing a collaborative platform for discussion of government policies around welfare or environmental protection, or consider the subject as part of civil societies. It can help students to weigh-up the costs and benefits of progress such as industrialisation and urbanisation, and the challenges presented by ageing populations in a world where family units have changed in character so much.

Our key objectives are:

  • To promote compassion and empathy through academic studies in collaboration with the medical profession, and veterinary and social sciences
  •  To prepare Caring for Life Education curriculums for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools
  • To enable innovative development of Caring for Life themes and subject areas, through continuing research
  • To train teachers as humane educators through workshops and online tuition
  • To train veterinarians in humane methods of animal population control and associated diseases, through workshops and practical projects
  • To evaluate through statistical analysis the effectiveness of Caring for Life Education for children, including materials and methods of training
  • To promote life-long compassionate and sustainable life-style choices, through consumer education
  • To enable ongoing learning through annual scholarships and international study visits
  • To arrange an international biennial conference to present research and development of Caring for Life Education

Our advisors are:

Professor Emeritus Terence Ryan, University of Oxford
Dr William Samuels, City University of New York
Dr Helen Winter, University College of London
Dr Zhidao Xia, Swansea University Medical School
Dr Elaine Ong, Boxhill Veterinary Hospital, Melbourne

Professional training for veterinarians follows an academic programme based on best practice

Both qualified and student teachers have to option to study Caring for Life Education at university

Research into the fur trade provides a scientific basis for our consumer education