Little Vets: Children with pets

Professionals and children come together as adocates for animal welfare, through a union of education for veterinarians and children.

Working together with our partners Vets for Compassion, ACTAsia has helped facilitate the training of 19 veterinarians in China to-date. These young professionals have learnt with their hearts, as well as their heads and hands, and are now best-practice veterinarians in China. As well as new skills in anaesthesia, flank-spay, pain relief and sterile environments, they have also learnt to handle animals with kindness to help reduce stress.

Not only are our veterinary trainers setting an example for their peers through our Train the Trainer programme and their own veterinary surgeries, but they are also sharing their new knowledge with local children. Regular workshops took place over 2019, focusing on teaching children how to interact kindly and safely with companion animals, many led by veterinarians, others by CFL educators. There are many activities to spur young interest,  including graffitti art, craft and games. But the most popular part of events is always a section for interaction with real animals to learn how a veterinarian gives a basic pet health-check, and to understand the needs of pets including feeding, exercise, entertainment and habitat.

Children also learn about rabies prevention and control, as well as the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Events may take place at schools, local communal areas, shopping centres, or educational farms. At the event pictured below, Children with Pets – We are Together! children had the chance to hear a dog’s heart beat for themselves, aiding their understanding of the similarities between humans and animals.




Children visit Flow Farm in Zhongshan, China, with their parents and school teachers to learn about the health and welfare needs of domestic animals.

Art and craft activities reinforce the lessons learnt through interaction with real animals.

Gently does it, as a child learns how to brush a pet rabbit at Flow Farm, Zhongshan.