If we don’t take care of nature, it will take care of us

As COVID-19 has spread around the world, there has been increased focus on how humanity’s destruction of nature creates conditions for new zoonotic illnesses to spread. The link between abusing nature and animals and the world’s health is now clear. COVID-19 came from an animal, most likely a bat kept in squalid conditions and sold for food in a Chinese wet market.

The pandemic has been a wake-up call for humanity about the consequences of how we treat animals, the destruction of habitats and how this can affect entire ecosystems.

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What ACTAsia is doing

Transforming hearts and minds in China

The need for change towards more compassionate and responsible values is greater than ever.  ACTAsia was founded in 2006 with the aim to support the development of caring societies in Asia.  Given the chance to understand the truth about life on earth, children will instinctively choose compassion over cruelty.  In doing so, they will develop a keen sense of respect for each other, for all species and our natural environment, but also for themselves.

Our Caring for Life Education programme has already reached over 93,000 children in primary schools, community centres and summer camps in China. Our goal over time is to reach them all.

We urgently need your help to raise $5,000 which will enable us to reach over 250 children in China before the end of this year.

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How your donation makes a difference

With your support we can transform attitudes and nurture an entire generation to respect all living creatures on our planet.

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Our impact so far

  • ACTAsia’s Caring for Life programme has helped children, consumers and professionals use their emotional intelligence to respect all species
  • Since 2012 we have promoted critical thinking, environmental responsibility, empathy and compassion for people and animals, embedding a culture of care and respect among hundreds of thousands of people across China
  • Independent evaluation of our Caring for Life programme shows dramatic improvement in environmental attitudes; a better understanding of others’ emotions as well as lower rates of aggression in primary school classrooms
  • There are 61 million left-behind children in rural China growing up without the love and support of their parents. Facilitated by technology, our Rural Reach project makes contact with the remotest side-lined children in rural China. 1,200 classes have been delivered online to over 30,000 children
  • Our Summer Camps focus on interactive outdoor sessions working with some of the poorest children in China. Adapted to the needs of children within each area our Inner Mongolia camp helps families learn about the importance of protecting the environment and in Shanghai our Vet Trainers teach children how to care for pets and interact safely with animals
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