Help ACTAsia create a kinder and more sustainable world

The need for change towards more compassionate and responsible values is greater than ever. The exploitation of animals and disrespect of the natural world has led to the current devastating pandemic. Only if we sow the seeds of a new way of thinking, to show respect for each other, for other sentient animals and for this beautiful planet will we prevent this from happening again.

ACTAsia believes that respect for people, animals and the environment will lead to a kinder and more sustainable world. We work predominantly in China and tailor education programmes to help people understand the importance of empathy and our responsibility for our world.

With the future in mind, education is at the core of all we do. We teach children about respect and kindness, promote responsibility among consumers for the goods we buy, and collaborate with influential professionals in government, education, law, and veterinary practice. ACTAsia believes that a sense of individual responsibility is empowering. We help people to develop emotional intelligence, and with it a keen sense of respect – for each other, for all species and our natural environment, but also for themselves.

The responses from children who take part in our Caring for Life (CFL) lessons are hugely encouraging. From Xinyuan Primary School in Beijing:

“I love CFL class! It teaches me that animals also have feelings. And because they cannot speak up for themselves, it is important that we understand that their behaviour is their language”

And from a teacher at the same school:

“CFL classes let children learn about tolerance, as well as how to protect themselves and to cherish life. I am glad to see that our children interact with each other more frequently and in harmony”.