Veterinary CPD, Webinar 9: DermatologyPractice

This lecture goes through the questions to ask and examination required to help you
diagnose and plan treatment in a short consultation, often just in 15minutes. In your first
few minutes you can examine and also take samples at the same time to be efficient.
Differential diagnosis usually falls into 3 categories, ecto-parasites, infection or allergy (EIA).
Using an itch score owners can measure the dogs behaviour and this can be used (PVAS)
throughout treatment and this helps to ensure the treatment is being effective and relieving
pruitis. A journey through cytology and what to look for including a welcome what not to
look for, to help speed up the process. A look into elimination diets and the options
available to use in dogs. Question and answer went into yeast diagnosis, use of medicines
and long-term use implications.

A fascinating topic which all vets will use within their day to day practise and a key issue in
providing good welfare for animals. Often correct diagnosis and treatment is life-saving for