17 September – 4 October
Plant Forward is an Asian-focused free event, held online over two weeks, across six countries. Organised by ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network, this event is the first of its kind.

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Read Chef Nana’s bio


Chef Nana

“We are what we eat” is Chef Nana’s motto. Nana states that being a vegan and practicing a macrobiotic way of life brought “lots of joy and peace of mind”. She is keen to demonstrate this philosophy to you. Chef Nana has been practising Macrobiotics for 24 years and has been teaching it alongside vegan cooking for 17 years. Nana runs macrobiotic and vegan cooking class in Japan, please find out more at this link. Chef Nana prides herself on her easy-going attitude towards a serious subject and her demonstrations are calm and uncomplicated.

Read Dr Evan Huang’s bio


Dr Evan Huang

Dr Evan Huang is a graduate of Shanghai University and the founder of Ding Han TCM clinic in Shanghai. Dr Huang is highly qualified in Western medicine and he has also studied and practised Chinese medicine for over 25 years. Dr Huang specialises in integrating the two complementary disciplines to manage a wide variety of health conditions. He is currently a member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, both of which are affiliated with the WHO. He is also a visiting professor at the Business School of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences. Dr Huang will share his knowledge on managing diabetes with a plant-based diet from the perspective of both Chinese and Western medicine.

Read Chef Sayuri Kitaho’s bio


Chef Sayuri Kitaho

Sayuri Kitaho’s expertise is in using a huge variety of plant-based ingredients to create fantastic Asian cuisine. She produces delicious plant-based recipes for Hachidory, an ethical vegan website run by the Animal Rights Center. Making plant-based food interesting is Sayuri’s passion and she is also the instructor of the Vegan Kimchi Cooking Class organized by Animal Rights Center.

Read Chef A-Jun’s bio


Chef A-Jun

Vegan health food innovator and renowned Chinese chef A-Jun has been cooking for over 30 years. For the past 15 years, he has pursued his passion for plant-based foods and 5 years ago he launched his health food ideology, known in China today as the “vegan health cuisine”. Vegan health cuisine aims to respect nature, respect natural ingredients, and restore the natural flavours of food. It favours a simple, balanced diet that minimises stress on the body as well as negative impacts on the environment. From kitchens to dining halls, vegan health cuisine has introduced the reality of healthy, low-carbon, sustainable foods to the culinary world.

Read Jaishree Kannan’s bio


Jaishree Kannan

Jaishree Kannan is a qualified Counsellor from Xavier Institute of Counselling Psychology and also a trained plant-based nutritionist. Jaishree is a Nutritional Consultant at SHARAN and also conducts cooking classes, workshops and talks. She credits her holistic work on herself – working on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects together – with overcoming stage 3 ovarian cancer. Jaishree is qualified in a number of different types of therapy and advocates a plant-based diet for wellness.

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Plant Forward 2022 is an event supporting global activities for UN Sustainable Action Week.

ACTAsia’s Compassionate Choices Network works across Asia to drive sustainability, animal welfare and social equality.
We promote action through education.