Breaking News – Gucci joins Fur Free Fashion!

The luxury brand joins #FurFreeRetailer. A major step for ethical fashion!

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and LAV, along with the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), are pleased that the leading global fashion house Gucci has announced it will no longer use animal fur, beginning with its spring summer 2018 collection. Gucci’s President & CEO Marco Bizzarri announced the fur-free policy on Wednesday, October  11th.

Gucci’s commitment follows a long-standing relationship with The HSUS and LAV—members of the international Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of more than 40 animal protection organizations working together to end the fur trade.

Gucci’s fur-free policy includes mink, coyote, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit, and karakul (otherwise known as Swakara, Persian lamb or astrakhan) and all others species specially bred or caught.

The company joins many other leading fashion brands and retailers in going fur-free—including Armani, HUGO BOSS, Yoox Net-a-Porter, Stella McCartney and more—and will be part of the international Fur Free Retailer Program.

ACTAsia’s Executive Director, Ms Pei Su, stated ‘this is an important celebration for animals and the environment. We hope that China will follow the shining examples of Gucci, Hugo Boss, Armani and so many others’.