Fur-Free pledge

Choose compassion over fashion and pledge never to buy real fur

Cat fur is often used for pom-poms

Every year millions of animals are bred, incarcerated, neglected, exploited and slaughtered for their fur.

Every year thousands of gallons of toxic waste from fur production are released into the natural environment, polluting nature and killing wildlife.

China is the biggest producer, exporter and importer of fur in the world. The majority of fur on the high streets in Europe, the US and Australia comes from China.

There are no animal protection laws in China, so fur producers use cheap methods with very poor welfare standards through the whole production process. Low costs mean big profits.

At our Fur-Free and Sustainable Fashion events in Shanghai this year, many designers and celebrities took a stand against the use of real fur in fashion, and made a pledge to go fur-free. You can hear their views here.

We need you to add your voice to our campaign. Please make a pledge to live a Fur-Free life.

Pledge to live a Fur-Free Life

If I see an item of clothing or accessory that includes real animal fur, I will try to do the following:

  • Not buy the fur-item, or any other item from that store
  • Politely tell the store manager that I don’t buy from shops that sell real fur
  • Contact the brand to tell them I won’t buy their goods until they stop using real fur

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The origins of some animal fur are easy to identify. Recognisable cat skins are popular in Asia

The familiar fur pom-pom is mass-produced in China from real animal fur, for use in fashion across the world

Dog and cat skins make cheap fur trim, even in countries where their use is illegal

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